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If you have any information or advice for models you may email it to me. All emails must include your details to ensure only legitimate sources and all info submitted will be assessed and checked.

One of the main points brought to my attention by many models is the issue of Chaperones. If any photographer objects to you having a chaperone on a shoot then the concensus of opinion is to consider how important the chaperone is to you.

It ia well supported that a chaperone at a shoot can help a new/nervous model to relax thus improving the shoot. Some photographers however feel that chaperones interfere with the shoot or make some models uncomfortable. It is a very personal viewpoint and therefore you must judge for yourself how you feel. 

Persoanlly I have found chaperones who have helped with the model, with suggestions for outfits/poses, with holding equipment and even who have modelled for me (male and female). Prime example wqas a model who only relaxed for boy girl fashion shoot with her own partner (who happened to look good).

Chaperones can always be asked to wait in an adjoining room if it is felt that they are interfering or distracting.

What level of shoot should you do ?

The level of shoot any model does must be decided by THE MODEL.

Only do levels that you are happy and comfortable with. Think about how you will feel in the future if friends or relatives see your pictures. If you are happy to shoot to the level you are doing your photos will be much better.


Always be on time, Punctuality is very important.

 Always take outfits that you would like to be photographed in, if you feel good you look good. Take outfits which work up to your levels. ie. if you work up to lingerie then remember to take some. An important detail is to take shoes which match the outfits.

For nude/topless shoots do not wear tight fitting underwear in the hour running up to the shoot as it marks the skin. Although photoshop is brilliant, attention to detail is better.

If you have any injuries/marks/bruises point them out to the photographer before the shoot. This will allow him/her to work around/cover them where possible/necessary.

Take make up with you in case the MUA fails to attend. Remember to take make up which suits the shoot/outfits.

Get the photographer's phone number and the exact address/location of the shoot with any unusual landmarks/directions. Postcodes are best for sat nav.

Decide before the shoot what will be your maximum level and after informing the tog stick to it as levels you are not happy with will produce poor results. There are plenty of models looking for work up to all levels so no tog needs to push any model to go above their limits. 

Always ensure yo can afford to get home from a shoot in case the promised expenses are not "available" or the tog no shows.